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Canada's First Official DJI Authorized Repair Centre 

The DJI Store Halifax is Canada's first and only official DJI Recommended Repair Service Centre. We offer professional repair services on all DJI products so that you can get back to flying in no time. Our team of certified engineers and technicians have been trained at official DJI repair facilities to diagnose and repair the full DJI product line including the Phantom, Inspire, Mavic and Matrice series. We diagnose all drones at no cost and offer a speedy 48-hour turnaround time on every repair. From compass calibrations to firmware updates and general maintenance, our skilled technicians ensure that every repair is thoroughly flight tested, updated, and calibrated before returning it to you, guaranteeing that you can fly with confidence. 

Call Toll Free: 1.844.373.7663 Email:


Need Your Drone Fixed?

Step 1: Send us an email or give us a call with a short description of your issue.

Step 2: If you are local bring your drone to our store or request a shipping label* to ship your drone.

Step 3: If you request a shipping label, you would be sent an email with additional instructions and an attached shipping label.

Step 4: Once your drone is received, our engineers will diagnose your drone for free and contact you with a quote. 

Step 5: With your approval, we will conduct the repair. Each repair is thoroughly flight tested, updated, and calibrated before the return. 

Step 6: Once the repair is completed we will send you a payment link to conclude the repair.

Step 7: Pick your drone up or have your drone shipped and start flying!

*$25 Flat Rate across Canada

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